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Black and white silver prints
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Fenêtre sur Cour only print on black and white baryt papers, the lab is placed in the heart of Paris, since 1993.

Nathalie Lopparelli alone, make the prints for archives, edition (traditional prints) and exhibition , collectors (art prints).

The lab proposes to each photographer an attention in order to approach the desire of the author. For the art prints, they can be worked with the photographer to determinate the style, density, and more.

Prints are made manually only, used a double fixing bath, washed one hour minimum, dried on trays during 24 hours. They are given to the photographers or to the customers after finition and retouching.

Several papers are proposed: Ilford Multigrade warmtone and cold tone glossy or mat, Ilford Canson Multigrade Art 300.
According to the innovations of the manufacturers, others papers can be used, and in harmony with Nathalie, the photographer can himself propose or bring his own paper.

Fenêtre sur Cour still do the lecture prints in 10x15 on Rc paper, to make the editing and archives more easy, they are all numbered on the back.

For any request, you can use the contact form, an answer will be given as soon as possible.

Director: Julie Sauerwein
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